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PianoBabyBoy.jpg (42354 bytes) Large 12" Bisque Piano Baby Boy in Sailor Hat with Ball ~ We acquired this adorable bisque piano baby doll right off the piano of a Hollywood area estate.  He is rather large and heavy..... measuring approximately 12" tall, 7" wide across the elbows, and 9" from toes to rear.  He is in fantastic condition, but could use a good cleaning (I prefer to leave bisque items "as is" to avoid damaging the paint or finish.)  This jumper is a nice soft blue, and he is wearing a matching blue sailor hat with a ribbon down the back.  There is a manufacturing hole in the bottom, but no makers marks.  Definitely vintage, but I have no idea of his exact maker or age.  The bottom shows age from moving it over time.  I found no chips, cracks or repairs.  We are also offering a girl piano baby that came from the same owner.  They are the same size, but believed to be different manufacturers due to variations in their finish, paint colors, etc. Believed to be of European / German manufacture, but I don't know for sure since he isn't marked.  Heubach German piano babies sell for upwards of $1,000 in much smaller sizes.  You can get our cute unknown, unmarked baby for much less.  Additional photos available upon request.  Buy both and receive FREE insured shipping via UPS Ground in the continental USA. $295 + $20 Shipping
BrassCandlestickPhone.jpg (54806 bytes) Early 1900's Brass Candlestick Telephone ~ I've had this phone for several years since acquiring it from an phone restoration shop in Pennsylvania. It is 11" tall, has a rotary dial, a black earpiece with a 4 foot antique style (but new) round brown cord, and a 5 foot silver cord to plug the phone into your modern outlet. The brass has a nice tarnished patina, but could be shined up to new looking. A GREAT conversation piece that works well... just plug it in a dial!  The piece does not have an internal ringer -- it was not made with one -- so be sure to have another phone nearby so you are alerted to incoming calls.  The phone is a bit more tarnished these days than when this photo was taken.  We can polish it up for you, or send it the way it is if you prefer the "aged" look -- just let us know. $350 + $12 Shipping


CSEliteHandpaintedBrown.jpg (52091 bytes) 1920 - 1932 Elite Limoges Hand Painted Eggshell Thin 8-Sided Cup & 12-Sided Saucer - Pink Flowers / Brown Background ~ Beautiful Limoges cup and saucer set made by Bawo & Dotter with fantastic painted pink flowers near the center, and applied (raised) floral design around the edges. No chips or cracks, but a couple of the raised applied flowers have been nicked off, and there is some other tiny miscellaneous paint ticks and gold wear. These flaws are relatively minor in my opinion, especially given the age of this very fine and delicate set. The porcelain is so thin on both pieces you can see the shadow of your hand held behind them.  A unique and lovely set that is sure to please any fine antique china collector. $160 + $8 Shipping
GreenFishCeramicFigurine.jpg (54415 bytes) Heavy Vintage Majolica Style Ceramic Pottery Koi Fish Figure ~ We acquired this large handcrafted ceramic piece from a Southern California estate that featured fine oriental ceramics and figurines.  This particular piece is not marked, but we believe it to be of Japanese origin.  It stands just over 10" high and 9.5" across from nose to tail.  I have no idea of its age, but you can tell it is an old hand crafted piece by looking inside the bottom, and because of the tight overall crazing that has developed.  It has very nice color and a majolica finish.  I did not find any chips or cracks -- a very nice decorative item.  


LimogesFloralBox.jpg (55194 bytes)

LimogesFloralBoxMark.jpg (16333 bytes)

Large Vintage French Limoges Hand Painted Dresser or Jewelry Box ~ Beautiful and very large antique porcelain dresser or vanity box measuring approximately 7.5" wide and 3.5" high.  It is entirely hand hand painted with pretty flowers of almost every type and color.  The box is white porcelain inside and on the bottom.  The remainder of the box is painted a rust to brown color with the flowers and greenery, plus gold painted decoration on the top.  The inside of the lid features a single pink painted rose with greenery, similar to the flowers on the top and front of the box.  The metal frame that holds the lid to the base is worn and tarnished.  Other than that, I found no significant flaws.  A really gorgeous piece of Limoges!  I am not familiar with this particular maker's mark, so the exact manufacture and age are not known.  


DuckCreamerJapan.jpg (27446 bytes) Adorable Duck Figural Creamer w/ Peach Luster Iridescent Body ~ There are no chips, cracks or scratches on this very cute older creamer.  It's marked simply "Made in Japan" in black.  He is roughly 3" high and 6" wide from nose spout to handle tail.  Add a little fun to your morning coffee.  QUACK!  :-) $30 + $6 Shipping

FrenchUrnFront.jpg (57169 bytes)

FrenchUrnBack.jpg (52984 bytes)

Spectacular 14" Hand Painted Handled Urn w/ Peacock & Fountain Design ~ This antique urn is an amazing piece of porcelain that would be the highlight of any fine art collection.  It measures just under 14" tall, almost 10" across at the widest point, and is quite heavy.  The urn vase is hand painted all the way around with a gorgeous peacock, tiered fountain, green yellow and golden trees, grass, and a stone garden wall.  The artist also carried the garden feel around the back side with more grass, bushes and distant trees.  The urn is in fantastic condition -- I did not find any chips, cracks, or repairs.  There is some wear to the gold painted handles.... I would estimate about 20% to 25%.  This wear does not bother me at all, as it clearly helps to indicate this is a vintage piece.  I'm sure an urn of this quality would be signed, but I have not been able to locate the artist's mark in the painting and, unfortunately, the urn is not marked on the bottom either.  There is some rubbing and wear to the gold bands around the top rim and middle of the urn, but not the base.  See the second photo for paint rubs to the middle gold band, and the paint just slightly below it.  (The white vertical band in the center of the vase in both photos is camera flash, and NOT wear to the paint.)  The thumb rest of the gilt handles features what looks like a 4-leaf clover.  This fantastic item is from a Southern California estate; other than that I know nothing about it.  The shape and design lead me to believe it is of European origin -- most likely English, Irish or French.  In any case, it is a unique, quality piece that is surely one-of-a-kind due to the lovely artwork.  More photos can be e-mailed to you upon request.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. $850 + $25 Shipping
PurseFront.jpg (76978 bytes) Vintage Tapestry Purse w/ Scenic Design ~ Lovely vintage tapestry purse in the French Aubusson style. It measures 9" wide by 6" high and is in excellent overall condition. The front needlepoint design features a man in the lower left, a lady in the lower right, a lady portrait in the top center, and a courtyard with a garden and fountain view. An extremely detailed design! The back of the purse has a very nice chocolate brown fabric that may be suede, but I'm not certain. There is also a handle on the back with two gold-tone buckles. The inside is a creamy peach or beige shiny fabric. The push button snap is United Carr. The fabric is starting to pull away from the snap closure a bit. The inside is a little dirty in places, but could be cleaned. Also includes an attached change purse on the inside. A beautiful collector quality accessory! The exact vintage is unknown, as I could not find a makers mark. I believe it was made around the 1930's to 1940's -- possibly earlier. $190 + $10 Shipping

LimogesBirdPlate12.jpg (53984 bytes) Antique French Limoges Game Bird Plate #12 ~ Beautiful early 1900's handpainted Limoges game bird plate entirely hand painted and signed by one artist (Muville), in exceptional condition with no chips, cracks, crazing, or evidence of repairs. Eleven matching plates are available.... buyers can choose any quantity. Our price is only $150 per plate, although the 1996 Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain (2nd Edition) lists an average book value of $250 to $400 EACH for similar game plates. Each plate features a different flying and/or standing bird scene -- they appear to be quail, ducks (mallards), pheasants, geese and/or sandpipers. Each plate measures 9.5" in diameter with a 7/8" ornate scalloped gold rim. All plates from this set are double marked with underglaze green Limoges France and star (Kovels #153G) Latrille Freres Mark #1 (factory), and a red overglaze (decorator mark) Lazeyras, Rosenfeld, and Lehman Mark #3 (Encyclopedia of Limoges by M. Gaston). They were fired between 1899 and 1913, and painted no later than 1922. Both companies were contemporary to Haviland from the Limoges region of France. All plates have a very minor degree of rubbing/swirls in the gold rim from handling and/or age. There are 2 short surface scratches in the gilt rim. Shipping is $8 for the first plate, and $2 for each additional plate. If a USA buyer purchases ALL 11 plates, we will offer FREE insured shipping in the continental USA. If you live outside the USA, contact us for your discount.  


SevresFiguralCompote.jpg (44654 bytes)

Sevres Porcelain Figural Compote ~ Beautifully hand painted 11.5" tall vintage European 2-piece figural compote with a Sevres style porcelain mark on the bottom. This lovely piece has 3 boys with musical instruments (a lyre, flute and baton) on the base, and a multitude of applied porcelain brightly-colored flowers all around. The lace or lattice style bowl (8.5" diameter) is a separate piece that sits on top of the base. Overall, the compote is in excellent condition, but it does have minor flaws. There is a repair to the fingers on the left hand of the boy playing the guitar. Some of the tiny flowers have a nick off the petals here and there, but I don't feel this detracts from the stunning beauty of this piece as they are not readily apparent under normal viewing conditions. In fact, I have been displaying this piece in a china cabinet in my home for quite some time, and no one has ever noticed these flaws. I have found no chips or cracks in the bowl or base, although there is one very tiny firing split in one of the lace ribs (nearly impossible to find). The bottom is marked with a Sevre style under glaze blue mark with an "S" inside, plus an initial (by the artist?) that looks like an "R". According to the Kovel's Dictionary of Marks, a Sevre with an "S" would be dated 1771. This piece doesn't appear to be 230+ years old, but it certainly is not new either. My guess is that it might be a later copy produced in the last 19th or early 20th century. If you look closely at the detail of the paint on the figures and the blush on their cheeks, you'll agree that this compote is definitely of French or German origin, even if it is not 18th century Sevres. The compote is very similar in style to those produced by the Dresden and Meissen factories. In summary, the exact age and manufacturer is unknown, but the compote is definitely quality porcelain of European origin - probably 75 to 125 years old.

$575 + $25 Shipping

PorcelainCrownBowl2.jpg (53380 bytes) European Porcelain Footed Bowl ~ This large and heavy candy or display dish measures 11" long, 6" high to the tip of the top swirl, and 8" wide. The bottom has a blue under glaze crown mark, but I have not been able to positively attribute it to a particular maker. Of the 4 feet, 3 are marked on the bottom: "I", "II", and "III" is impressed -- one mark per foot. I believe this piece to be from the late 19th or early 20th centuries -- probably of French or German origin. It's made of heavy white porcelain, but has some interesting pale blue and pink painted accents that cannot be seen in the photo. There are no cracks, but there is a .5" chip on the top of one foot... the right one in the photos facing the camera. A steady hand and some gold paint would render this flaw virtually unnoticeable.   


??? Need Research Help?  Want to know more about your antiques and collectibles?  Take a peek at our Recommended Books page for a list of our favorite reference books.  (Slow loading images -- patience required.)  If there's something you want, you can purchase it from Amazon without leaving our shop. Knowledge is Priceless!

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