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4 Green Depression Sandwich Glass Water & Juice Tumblers ~ I believe these were made by either Indiana Glass Company or Anchor Hocking between the 1930's and 1970's.  I have heard that other manufacturers copied the design as well, but I do not know enough about them to be sure of their exact age or origin.  There are 2 glasses that measure 4" high (water?) and 2 that are 3.5" tall (juice?).  They are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  The color is a deep emerald or forest green.  If you are interested in only one size, we will consider selling them separately.  .  


Green Vaseline Depression Glass 5-Compartment Divided Serving Tray ~ Etched with Floral Design ~ Beautiful bright green serving tray measuring approximately 12" long, 10.5" wide, and 1" deep with a pretty etched edge with flowers and vines all the way around.  In excellent condition with no cracks.  There are a couple of minor rough spots around the edge seam, but they are not significant enough to call chips.  The bottom of the tray has some scratches where the tray would have been moved around a table.  This is normal wear for an item like this, and I do not consider it to detract from the beauty of the piece.  Glows in white light, and even brighter in black light due to the uranium.  A nice and unique item to add to your collection.  Maker and exact age are not known, but probably 1930's vintage. $80 + $10 Shipping

1978 Goebel Annual Crystal Glass Plate - Praying Girl ~ Mint condition plate measuring approximately 8.5" in diameter made by House of Global Art.  A limited edition of one year ending in 1978.  Has a silver Goebel sticker on the plate and comes in the original box.  The first plate in the annual series.  The issue price was $45.... we are offering it here for less. $30 + $10 Shipping

Scarce Fenton Vaseline Opalescent Lily of the Valley Handkerchief Vase ~ A very pretty Fenton sticker marked vase approximately 6.5" tall.  The bottom of the vase is not marked.  Between the pattern, color, sticker and lack of a bottom mark, I believe this piece dates to circa the late 1970's.  It is a rich yellow/green vaseline on the bottom, with a fiery opalescent top half.  In pristine condition with no flaws.  A very hard to find vase in this color, called Topaz, or Canary by some folks.  


Artist Signed Hand Designed Art Glass Pink Floral Plate ~ Unique art glass plate of a pink and white flower measuring approximately 8.25" in diameter.  The design is IN the glass, not painted on it.  There are some bubbles in the plate, but this is how it was made.  No chips or cracks. Etch signed by the artist (I cannot read the name) and dated 1987 in the clear portion of the plate. $25 + $10 Shipping

VeniceSilverOverlayDecanterSet.jpg (62897 bytes) Silver Overlay Teal or Blue / Green Decanter Set w/ Venice Italy Scene ~ Lovely decanter with 6 glasses depicting gondolas in Venice, and what I believe is St. Marks Square in the distance behind the waterway.  The decanter is approximately 10" tall to the top of the stopper, and 4" across the widest part of the middle.  The tiny shot glasses are just a hair over 2" tall.  All pieces are in excellent condition with no damage.  The decanter and glasses are a slightly different color -- the decanter is a bit more blue, and the glasses go more to the green.  This is something I had not noticed before when looking at them in person, but it is apparent in this photo.  They items came from an estate as a set, and they have the exact same design, so I can only assume the difference in the color might be due to different glass blowers, or the thickness of the glass be different in the decanter compared to the glasses.  A very nice set to use or display. $170 + $10 Shipping

CrystalTallCutVase.jpg (41705 bytes) Cut Glass 10.25" Tall Bud Vase ~ Very pretty vase of quality cut glass (possibly crystal) that stands tall enough to use for a long stem rose.  The base is large -- at 4.75" in diameter, it keeps the vase from being "tippy".  The glass is heavy and would not be easily broken, as it measures just over .25" in thickness.  The etched cut bases has lines radiating out from the center, and dots ringing the edge.  There are vertical ribbed cuts in the base, and 3 pinwheel type designs around the top.  In excellent condition with no cracks, but there is one tiny nick in the exterior adjacent to a vertical rib about the middle of the vase.  This minor flaw is not easily seen without looking closely.  From an estate and not marked, so I have no idea of age or manufacturer. $35 + $8 Shipping

VaselineCandyShaker.jpg (46095 bytes) RARE Societe Candies Vaseline Glass 11.5" Candy Container Shaker ~ This is a really super depression vintage advertising piece!  Large 11.5" tall green vaseline glass baby bottle shaped shaker with an aluminum top and the original manufacturer's silver sticker on the side that reads "Societe Candies, Imperial Candy Co, Seattle USA"  This company was located near the waterfront at the north edge of Pioneer Square in Seattle until the 1970's.  .The bottle is in fantastic condition with no chips or cracks.  The aluminum top is in good condition with normal age wear including tarnishing, minor pits and dings, etc.  The top fits the base nicely and comes off smoothly.  The shaker top cap, however, is stuck.  I'm guessing that it might be worked off with some cooking oil and elbow grease, but I'm leaving it alone.  The uranium in the glass glows brightly in black light.  A wonderful and very rare item to add to your candy container, bar shaker, or antique vaseline glass collection.  I've found very little information about this company, and have never seen another one of these anywhere! $375 + $10 Shipping
Black Amethyst Glass 3 Footed Bowl ~ Very nice bowl measuring approximately 3" high and 5.5" across the widest part of the top.  It stands on 3 feet, and is in perfect condition.  Looks black, but the purple can be seen when the piece is held to a strong light.  I believe this is either a candy dish or perhaps a mayonnaise dish.  Probably depression vintage, but I have not been able to determine the exact age or maker. $25 + $10 Shipping
CubeClearCreamerSugar.jpg (63811 bytes) Clear Crystal Depression Glass Cube or Cubist Creamer & Sugar ~ Creamer measuring 2.5" tall and 3" in diameter, with an open sugar 2-handle bowl 2.5" tall and 3.5" in diameter, made by Jeannette Glass company between 1929 and 1933.  The clear was called "crystal", which was less common than the pink or green in this pattern.  Both pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. $15 + $10 Shipping
CzechArtGlassVasePink.jpg (59763 bytes) Huge Cranberry or Pink Czechoslovakian Art Glass Trumpet Vase ~ Gorgeous cranberry or deep pink art glass vase with an applied clear and purple splatter base measuring 15.5" tall, approximately 7.5" across the widest part of the top, and weighing just over 6 pounds.  The color is very rich, and the piece is in pristine condition.  Obtained from a Southern California estate and believed to have some age, although it looks new.  There is a gold and black foil sticker that reads "Glassworks Chribska Czech Republic" on the side.  We acquired two other similar vases from this estate -- one is purple, and the other is purple with a clear glass top rim.  They display beautifully alone or as a set.  Purchase all three and receive FREE insured shipping via UPS Ground in the continental USA. $195 + $20 Shipping
CrystalDecanter.jpg (52360 bytes) Heavy 12" Tall Crystal Decanter w/ Round Stopper ~ Nice quality decanter with a large round stopper, and an unusual bubble design coming up from the bottom of the bottle.  It measures just under 12" tall, is 4" across, and weighs slightly over 3.5 pounds.  In excellent condition with no damage.  The only manufacturing flaw I see is one tiny bubble inside the stopper.  The decanter is not marked.  I acquired it in 1990 -- I believe it was new or nearly new at that time. $105 + $10 Shipping
CarnivalMarigoldTallVase.jpg (44675 bytes) Tall Imperial Carnival Glass Marigold Flower Vase ~ Lovely carnival pressed glass vase measuring just under 10" tall and 5.25" wide across the top.  The glass is thick and nice quality -- the vase weighs 3 pounds.  It is in perfect condition with a very nice iridescent finish.  The bottom has the IG mark of Imperial Glass that dates the manufacture to between 1951 and 1972.  In perfect condition with no flaws, other than normal manufacturing related ones (bubbles, straw marks).  A very nice item to use, display or give as a gift. $50 + $10 Shipping
BlueDuncanMillerWhimseyBowl.jpg (40378 bytes) Blue Opalescent Duncan Miller Canterbury Whimsy Bowl ~ I believe this lovely cape cod blue Canterbury pattern Duncan Miller bowl is scarce, as I've never seen this exact shape before.  The best description would be a rolled edge or whimsey of a regular bowl.  It is 10.5" long, 5.5" across the narrow part of the width, and about 3.5" high.  There are some surface use scratches, calcium water staining (probably will soak off), and one straw mark in the bottom.  No chips or cracks.  Overall a very pretty light blue piece of opalescent glass that displays nicely.  Made circa 1937 to 1955. $50 + $10 Shipping

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